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Design For the Contractor Client

As a former contractor, we know how hard it is to find designers who work practically yet aesthetically. Jim Merrill has been in the construction industry since 1975 and knows what it takes on both ends to get the job done. Whether Merrill Design is working for you or for your client, our goal is to make your job easier.

Creating a relationship with the client and interpreting what they want to see in their design is one of our gifts. In many ways, we bridge the communication gap between the client and the builder. When you bring your client to us, you can feel confident knowing they will feel involved and passionate about their project while you, as the contractor can remain in control of your process and preferred building methods.

We have had many contractors tell us that listening to what clients want and interpreting their needs and wishes into architectural plans is one of our most impressive and rewarding talents.

Our goal isn't just to design a great project; it's to design a great project that actually gets built. The reality of construction is that many projects are never completed or even begun, due to delayed cost analysis and budgeting. We believe that as the contractor, you should be involved in the project from the early stages of design, before engineering and permitting, so that any red flags can be addressed.

Having real-life on the job experience is what sets us apart from other designers. We are available for on-site consultation both before and during construction, and manage all aspects of the permitting process. We aim to keep you as informed as possible about any permitting hurdles or client-elected changes that will affect your budget or timetable significantly.

Part of our job is to inform the client of wise decisions that will increase the productivity of the project, while also increasing the longevity of their design for years to come. When clients come back to us years down the road or refer friends and family, we'll want to team up with you again.

Points of Service for The Contractor

-Plans that are accurate and complete

-Client relationship

-3D framing models

-Millwork, cabinetry & lighting design

-Cabinetry relationship with Huntwood Industries

-Liaison between consultants: Surveyors, Engineers, Truss Designers, SIP panel designers

-Permitting assistance

-On-site construction consultation

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