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Design Process:



-Design Development

-Contractor Budgeting

-Go No Go Decision

-Engineering (if required)

-Final Construction Drawings & Paperwork

-Permit Submittal

-Interior Detailing

-Response to Correction Notices (if required)


Remodel Design Tour:

How Merrill Design can help craft the custom home of your dreams.

Your initial appointment with Merrill design is more than just outlining a concept, it is a chance for us to get to know one another. Jim Merrill prides himself on his ability to recognize the design needs of his clients, and much of that knowledge comes from a relaxed and personable interaction.

Stage 1

Come Prepared; the more information you can provide us about your design needs, your dreams and desires for your remodel, and even materials you'd like to use, the better Merrill Design can work up a set of plans which will allow your vision to become a long-lasting reality. Everything from basic information about your family and home activities, to photographs, to feelings you'd like to evoke within the design are all useful.

If you have accurate blueprints of your existing home, we can use them as a starting point for your remodel design. If not, we'll send our field representative out to take measurements and assess the site. From this information, we will create a detailed digital model of your existing home, onto which we can render the new remodel concept. We'll also research and address any special concerns or permitting needs.

Next, Jim takes what he's learned from your one-on-one meeting plus the site visit, and applies his experience and creativity to rendering an initial project concept.

At your next meeting, you'll be invited to sit comfortably in our design theater while Jim presents a digital 3-D rendering of the initial concept. Many changes can be made to the rendering in real-time. You'll be able to virtually walk through the floorplan, getting a real sense of just how easy it can be to collaborate with Merrill Design on envisioning the home you've always wanted.

This design-and-present process may repeat more than once, in order to insure that the concept is exactly what you want.

Design Development
Stage 2

Once the concept is complete and the 3-D model approved, Merrill Design puts its skill to work on preparing a basic set of building plans. These can be used by your contractor to price out the construction cost ahead of time, while the design is still flexible.

Unlike many designers and architects, Merrill Design works to ensure that you and your contractor know your budget during the early design stages, before we move further with the detailed plans, including possible engineering and permits. By knowing your costs up-front and making changes before we've locked in the bulk of the design work, you will not only save money, but you will know that the design we create is the design you want, and can afford to build.

It is key to bring in your contractor during this development phase. For our part, we'll build a well-informed relationship with your contractor as well as yourself which lasts throughout construction and ensures that the building process goes smoothly. This is another of the advantages you'll have placing your project in our hands.

Most importantly, we create plans which contractors agree are practical and efficient to build from, saving you money, and allowing the design vision to carry through to the well-built final project.

If you don't have a contractor, rest easy, - we have excellent relationships with many quality contractors and would be happy to match you up with someone well suited to your particular project's nuances.

Final Design - (ready for permitting)
Stage 3

Once revisions and final considerations have been made, Merrill Design will create a full and comprehensive set of plans, ready to send to your local permitting department, and ready for your contractor to build from. If your project requires engineering or other specific design needs, we follow through with those processes as well.

We have intimate knowledge of the many twists and turns in the plan submittal process, (particularly in the Central Puget Sound area), and we can save you the hassle of dead-ends and delayed permits. The best way to overcome all the permitting and construction hurdles is to have a superior set of plans, drawn to your preferred specifications, allowing your ideal remodel to be completed just the way you envisioned it.

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